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We are currently building whistles in 3 keys; i.e:, Eb, D and C. They are available in 2 forms, one with a mouthpiece primarily for session playing (loud and requiring a little more air) and a second with a mouthpiece for those who want a little quieter whistle requiring a little less air. The first whistle can be seen in Figure 1 and the second in Figure 2.
f1 f2 f3
Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3

All whistle mouth pieces are constructed using Delrin, a very durable, completely moisture resistant polymer. Whistle tubes are available in (but are not limited to) Blackwood, Cocobolo, Purple Heart  and Iron Wood (IPE). Tubes are also available constructed in Dymondwood, a very durable, moisture resistant dyed wood/epoxy laminate.  The Dymondwood is available in Cocobolo,  Red, Black and Green dyed woods. Whistle tubes are also available in Delrin making for a very maintenance free whistle. All tuning slides and ferrules are constructed using brass.Example of the whistles tube materials are as follows:
cocobolo blackwood Black Dymondwoo
Cocobolo Blackwood Black Dymondwood
all delrin Green Dymondwood Red Dymondwood
All Delrin Green Dymondwood Red Dymondwood

To illustrate further the tube choices, the following wood tube turning blank materials are shown
Figure 4
These woods are, left to right: Blackwood, Honduran Rosewood, Blackwood, Purple Heart and Cocobolo

To illustrate the various Dymondwood tube choices, the following turning blank materials are shown:
Figure 5
These Dymondwood blanks are, left to right, Cocobolo, Red, Black and Green

The Eb, D and C whistles sell for $185. The Bb and A whistles sell for $250. Stateside USPS Priority  Mail shipping is included in the cost. Shipping outside of the States requires an additional charge of $25 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  All whistles are sold with a 14 day trial period and can be returned at no charge if needs are not met