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Got the whistle and I am really impressed. Of course it meets my needs and  expectations, the references and reviews about your whistles are more than true…Extraordinary instrument!

I really like it very much, nice concept, shape, material and craftsmanship. And playability …wow, really nice pressure adjustment and the sound is really wonderful!!! It seems that your whistle will be my new favorite…Thank you!!


I just received my Gene Milligan Blackwood D whistle and couldn’t be happier. I don’t think it would be possible to make a higher quality whistle than this. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The look is slick and detailed. C natural is perfectly in tune. The lower register is amazingly close in volume to the higher. I pulled it out and it almost started to play itself. The holes are really comfortable and ergonomically placed. It’s stamped and numbered tastefully on the underbelly taking nothing away from the beautiful, no nonsense design. I’ve been playing it for an hour now and it hasn’t clogged a bit! There’s a perfect touch of chiff especially in the higher register. If you are  looking for “the” whistle, this is the one. It’s the whistle from a dream. Priced at $185 including shipping, it’s a steal and I feel like I own a $600 whistle…no hyperbole.


I love the sound: it’s warm and easy and the intonation is great. I read your blog about cleaning and oiling, so I’m all set. Thanks you very much, not only for getting it to me so quickly, but for making such a wonderful instrument. Also my neighbors thank you.


I just wanted to write and let you know my whistle arrived in perfect condition last Friday. As far as the whistle goes, I am absolutely at a loss of words regarding this whisle. I suppose I can start by saying it has knocked ALL of my other whistles out of competition. Every single one of them can’t match the whistle you sent me.

Gene, your whistle gives me the sound I’ve had in my head and I can’t think of a better compliment than that!


Gene Milligan; a wonderful man, a total craftsman and a maker of gorgeous whistles that look and sound great!!

Joanie Madden

I just purchased my 3rd Gene Milligan whistle, they just keep getting better!


I received one of your whistles the other day ,a Cocobolo in D with a brass head. I wanted to write and say thank you! This instrument isn’t only beautiful, but sounds incredible. I have only been playing for 5 months, but took it to my lessons and my instructor had a blast playing it.


A very good instrument is by Gene Milligan. His whistles are about as loud as it gets, very in tune, very good tone, long mouthpiece and about half the price of other high end whistles. The unit I play is fabulous; I get comments about the tone all the time.


This is the best 'session' whistle money can buy! Bold, clear and loud but still an incredibly sweet tone. The most impressive feature is the balance in the lower and upper octave. I've never played a whistle with a louder lower octave.

Larry Rone - Poor Man's Fortune